I'm Tristan Findley

Senior Systems Administrator at The University of Surrey

  • From Farnborough, Hampshire, UK
  • Age 32
  • IT Experience +15 Years
  • Creative Experience +6 Years
  • Graduated 2006, BSc (Hons) Computer Network Management & Design, University of Portsmouth
  • Status Employed but looking for new opportunities with a focus on Immigration to Canada

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Hello! I’m Tristan Findley. I am a full-time IT Systems Administrator/DevOps from the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences (FEPS) at the University of Surrey, Guildford.
Previously I was a full-time IT Systems Administrator for the Department of Computer Science and School of Mathematics and Information Security at Royal Holloway University, Egham.

I also undertake IT Contracts for Small / Medium businesses, focusing on managing and supporting bespoke IT solutions, Systems Administration and Support, and Web Hosting and Development. This allows me to develop new IT skills and experience which I can bring to my position at Royal Holloway

Adding in my skills as a photographer lets me bridge the gap between the Technical and Creative worlds, giving a unique mixture of skills and talents.

IT Experience

2017 - present

Systems Administrator (DevOps)

University of Surrey, FEPS

Managing systems and programmable infrastructure in the Service Delivery team for the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences.

2006 - 2017

Systems Administrator

Royal Holloway University

Supporting the Department of Computer Science, and the School of Mathematics and Information Security.

Managing Windows/Linux/Mac Desktops and Servers, in both virtual and real-world environments.

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2001 - 2003

Helpdesk Assistant / Assistant Network Technician

Farnborough Sixth Form College

IT Skills

Windows/Apple/Linux Desktop Support
Solution Architecture / actualisation
Desktop System Deployment (inc. Ghost, DeepFreeze)
Active Directory (AD) domain
OpenDirectory (LDAP) domain
Web Servers (IIS)
Web Servers (LAMP)
WordPress Deployment / Administration
WordPress Theme Development
Office 365 Deployment & Management
Virtual Machine (VMWare ESX / vSphere) Administration
Storage (EMC, Synology, NetApp) Administration
SAS implementation (WordPress, Google Apps, Office 365)
SAS Hosting & Management (Wordpress MultiSite, Linux Webhosts)
Cloud Services (AWS / S3 / Glacier, VMS, Azure)
Network Infrastructure (HP ProCurve / Aruba, Cisco)
Network Appliance (Cisco ASA VPN / Gateway, WatchGuard Firewall, Smoothwall, pfSense)
Scripting Languages (Bash, Batch, Powershell)

Transferable Skills

Course content creation / structuring
User Training (one-to-one)
Group Training (one-to-many) / teaching
Word Processing / Spreadsheeting
Administration (License Management, Fiscal)


Tristan Findley photographerIn conjunction with my IT career I have taken it upon myself to developed a set of creative skills. While originally centered around Photography, my areas of experience have quickly diverged into Video Production, Desktop Publishing and Audio Engineering.

I originally began working as a Behind The Scenes (BTS) photographer in the North London film industry using skills I developed from photographing Wildlife. Working as a BTS photographer allowed me to branch out into the film industry, gathering valuable experience as a Runner, Boom Operator, Camera Operator, Assistant Director and Second Unit Director. I also branched out into Wedding and Event photography, photographing numerous events from corporate to sports.

Desktop Publishing came out of the requirement to advertise myself and my services, as well as to develop digital assets for use on websites. This got me into using Adobe Photoshop in conjunction with Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.


Creative Experience

2014 - present

Audio Technician

Backdoor Broadcasting

Recording academic podcasts from inaugural lectures, events and presentations for publication on the web.


Photographer (Sub-contracted)

RP Photography by Design

Sub-contracted as a Sports and Events photographer covering sporting events for national multi-school sports days.

2012 - present

Graphic Designer

Royal Holloway University

Creator of posters and publications for internal and out-reach events at Royal Holloway University, Department of Mathematics.

2010 - present

Photographer, Business owner

TFindley Photography

Business owner and photographer, specialising in portraiture, events, sports and wildlife.

Creative Skills

Photo Editing (Adobe Lightroom / Photoshop)
Film Editing (Adobe Premiere)
DTP (Adobe InDesign / Illustrator)
Post Production (Adobe AfterEffects / SpeedGrade)

Creative Portfolio

My Ski Epic 2015


Urban Portraiture Teaser


Introduction to Rob Pugh and RP Photography by Design


An interview with Jeff Widener – The Camera Never Lies


Royal Holloway MSc in Mathematics for Applications

Creative Desktop Publishing

Royal Holloway MSc in Mathematics of Cryptography and Communications

Creative Desktop Publishing

Royal Holloway MSc in Economics with Statistics

Creative Desktop Publishing

Exploring Maths 2016

Creative Desktop Publishing

Exploring Maths 2015

Creative Desktop Publishing

Business Skills

Day-to-Day Business Ops
Finance & Accounting


  • I have worked and cooperated with Tristan for a whole academic year. There were many times that immediate action and creative solutions were required, and I think that Tristan's problem-solving attitude and professionalism contributed to the successful outcome of each task.

    Konstantinos Mersinas VLE Manager & Tutor @ Royal Holloway University
  • Tristan is a great asset to us in the IT support for our department at Royal Holloway. He's attended to my computer & network needs with great speed, efficiency, accuracy & courtesy. He won't stand for any nonsense over security issues though, which is an excellent trait if you have bolshy managers that want too much BYOD, yet is always happy to spend a few minutes talking about his hobbies - and we've made good use of his photographic abilities as a result.

    Colin Walter Former Director of ISG DL MSc at Royal Holloway University (Retired)
  • I have often asked Tristan for advice on many aspects of computer systems -- setting them up, what to buy, strategy, types of software available, methods of teaching, digital sound, and other things that I presently forget. Tristan is very knowledgeable and he has always been very helpful, even though I have not been in the group that he supports directly.

    Chris Watkins Professor of Artificial Intelligence at Royal Holloway University
  • Tristan was an able administrator of the computer systems and cheerily responded to requests for help.

    Steven Galbraith Professor at Royal Holloway University
  • I worked with Tristan during my time in the Information Security Group at Royal Holloway, University of London. I always found him to be very approachable and enthusiastic about his job. I also found him to be very skilled and committed to his work.

    Alex Dent Reader at Royal Holloway University
  • Tristan is an enthusiastic, conscientious and very knowledgeable member of the team who is always willing to seek solutions and new ideas and apply them to his day-to-day work. Since joining Royal Holloway, Tristan has been extremely helpful to me and I look forward to working with him for many years in the future.

    Emma Mosley Senior Postgraduate Administrator at Royal Holloway, University of London
  • Tristan is a knowledgeable engineer and makes sure he keeps up with all technologies and trends. He is also very amiable with colleagues and customers.

    Matthew Convery Senior IT Service Desk Analyst
  • Tristan is a solid technician who can make any OS sing! His photography is pretty amazing too, I can honestly say the ISG Technical team are all excellent, and Tristran is an Exemplar!

    David Misell MSc Student, ISG, Royal Holloway University
  • I have known Tristan Findley for more than 5 years while he has been Systems Administrator for the Information Security Group at Royal Holloway, University of London. Appointed when I was Director of the Information Security Group, we chose Tristan for his technical ability and willingness to engage with our users who have a varied understanding of network systems. Tristan has fulfilled our needs admirably and has developed his skills so that he now delivers some laboratory-based aspects of our MSc in Information Security. Tristan is a sociable person who has become a character within the group and takes a keen interest in all its aspects. He has initiative and is willing to put forward ideas for changes to enhance both network provisions and day-to-day running of the group. I am pleased to provide this recommendation for Tristan.

    Peter Wild Professor at Royal Holloway, University of London
  • Tristan has excellent interpersonal, organisational skills and technical knowledge. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to a company that were undertaking a review of his professional skills.

    Valente Panattoni Senior Desktop Support Officer, Royal Holloway University
  • Tristan is without doubt very able, extremely knowledgable and highly committed to his job.

    Chris Mitchell Professor at Royal Holloway, University of London

My Clients


2003 - 2006

BSc (Hons) Computer Network Management & Design

University of Portsmouth

2001 - 2003

Computing (A-Level), Business (GNVQ Advanced Double Award)

Farnborough Sixth Form College

My Interests

  • Motorcycling
  • Skiing
  • Computer Gaming
  • Martial Arts
  • Photography
  • Outdoors / Hiking
  • Travel
  • Wildlife

Want to know more? Check out my Interests Page

Achievements, Awards and Cerifications

  • Apple Mac Integration Basics, 10.7 – July 2012
  • ‘Selling Microsoft CRM’ Certified

  • Motorcycle BikeSafe assessment – London Metropolitan Police (Grade C) – April 2018
  • Motorcycle Driving License (Unrestricted) – June 2016
    • Motorcycle Practical test (Module 2) – June 2016
    • Motorcycle Maneuvers test (Module 1) – June 2016
    • Motorcycle Theory Test – April 2016
    • Motorcycle Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) – January 2016
  • Car Driving License (Manual) – October 2005
    • Car Driving Practical test – October 2005
    • Car Theory Test – September 2005

Bushido Academy of Martial Arts

I began training in Ken Kai Ryu (sword) at the Bushido Academy of Martial Arts (BAMA) in 2006.

To further my journey in the school; I began training in Bushido Karate in 2008.

Ken Kai Ryu

Bushido Karate

1st Dan Black belt – December 2017
Black belt – December 2015
Brown belt –
Blue belt –  Blue belt –
Purple belt –  Purple belt –
Green belt –  Green belt –
Orange belt –  Orange belt –
Yellow belt –  Yellow belt –
White belt – June 2006  White belt – 2008


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