Royal Holloway – Job Description

Summary of Responsibilities

  1. Work within the department IT support team providing day-to-day management and support of all the departments IT resources.
  2. Research, evaluate and implement new services in consultation with the Network and Systems Manager.
  3. Document procedures and technical documentation in line with department policy.

Job Description


  • Installation and setup of server, desktop and notebook systems
  • Procurement of new IT equipment in line with college and departmental procedures
  • Configuration and management of network infrastructure
  • Maintain availability of printers and multifunctional devices
  • Diagnose hardware faults and handle hardware warranty issues; liaising with vendors / support providers as required
  • Hardware lifecycle management; from procurement to disposal of obsolete/failed equipment inline with college/departmental policy


  • Procurement of new software
  • License management and renewal
  • Installation and management of server, desktop and notebook software and operating systems, using imaging systems where appropriate
  • Configuration and management of virtual servers


  • Maintain and support the departments web presence
  • Provide technical support to web content creators


  • Implement new services in consultation with the network manager and academic staff
  • Research, analyse and evaluate new and alternative technologies
  • Manage the delivery of new services

Service Availability

  • Monitor service availability
  • Schedule planned outages to minimise disruption to users
  • Inform users of planned maintenance and unplanned outages
  • Maintain and monitor backup systems


  • Proactively monitor systems to ensure they are regularly patched
  • Ensure systems have appropriate antivirus protection
  • Maintain firewall configuration
  • Monitor intrusion preventions systems and host event logs for potential security events
  • Educate and support users on security related matters

Labs / Teaching Support

  • Maintain the departments computer labs
  • Provide support to enable new lab environments to be set up and for one-off ad-hoc courses
  • Provide teaching support for internal and external courses


  • Provide IT support to all department users
  • Use helpdesk software to manage support incidents and requests
  • Liaise with central computer services as required

Policy / Process

  • Ensure best practice is followed throughout
  • Ensure all college and department policies are adhered to
  • Actively contribute to, and maintain departments IT documentation


  • Maintain availability of printers and multifunctional devices
  • Automate system management tasks (scripting)
  • Support specialist academic applications
  • Software development/programming to support department needs
  • Support the IT support team by contributing at team meetings and carrying out operational duties, according to agreed rotas
  • Collaborate with IT support staff in other departments and central computer services as required