VOME Project – Royal Holloway University

About VOME

VOME (Visualisation and Other Methods of Expression) was set up to explore how user communities engage with concepts of information privacy and consent in on-line interactions.

Researchers from the Information Security Group (ISG) at Royal Holloway, University of London, are participating in a three year collaborative research project with consent and privacy specialists at Salford and Cranfield Universities, Consult Hyperion and Sunderland City Council, to explore how people engage with concepts of information privacy and consent in on-line interactions.

“The project aims to develop an interactive mental model that enables people from all walks of life to interact with on-line privacy and consent issues, in the same way that the concept of carbon footprinting has enabled large parts of society to engage in the subject of the environment” – Lizzie Coles-Kemp, Lead Researcher, ISG.

The aim is to develop richer models of user requirements which ultimately enable users to make clearer on-line disclosure choices about how they manage their identity. It is anticipated that this research will contribute to removing some of the barriers that inhibit the use of on-line services through the development of software prototypes which better reflect user’s concerns about privacy and consent. In turn this will facilitate the development of systems by service providers and manufacturers that make users feel secure and confident in the way their identity information is handled.

Tristan’s role in VOME

During my time at Royal Holloway University, I was approached by the Lead Researcher,and asked to handle the projects Systems Administration. My role at VOME was originally as a contractor, and not directly related to my role at Royal Holloway. At the start of 2011, the plan for VOME’s services to be integrated into the Maths IT infrastructure. This project is being handled by me.


The challenge I initially faced was being both the ISG Systems Administrator, and the VOME Systems Administrator. This means that during my work day, I have to be able to think objectively and independently about both roles, keeping my responsibilities in mind, but simultaneously not letting my work from one affect the other. This can be problematic on decisions that affect both groups, as the decision I make for one cannot have repercussions for the other.

Notable Achievements

  • Web Server creation and continued maintenance
  • VOME Website (WordPress) installation, maintenance, documentation and training
  • VOME E-Learning site (Moodle) installation, maintenance, and support
  • Desktop and Laptop deployment management and maintenance.
  • Creative consultant for website and projects